Go with the Flow 
Quick and to the Pointless 
Sky is Fallin'
Gonna leave  You
Hangin' Tree 
In the Fade
A Song for the Dead  
Another Lovesong
Regular John
Feel Good hit of the Summer
No one Knows
Ode to Clarissa
Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Pre-pinkpop concert interview w/ Josh & Troy

1) Direct-to-2-track soundboard mix > TV (live broadcast )> HD (44k)  
             (track 8-14)
2) Direct-to-2-track soundboard mix > TV (2nd broadcast) > Tascam DA 20 (48k) 
             (track 1,2,5,7)
3) Direct-to-2-track soundboard mix > Ram audio (44k) > Website > Streambox 
    vcr ripper 3.1 (downloading from website) > Streambox 9000 (conversion to wave)  
             (track 3,4,6) 
4) Direct-to-2-track soundboard mix > FM > Tascam DA 20 (48k)
             (the first 25 seconds of track 7) 

Editing/mastering: > HD (digital input) > Coolpro (editing, eq-ing & level correction > 
Nuendo (steinberg eq-ing, limiting  > Wave #0 (44.100 Hz) > MKW > SHN #0 > this disc

Broadcasts: 1) June 9, 2003, in 'Pinkpop 2003 Live', Nederland 3 by Nps/Vara/Vpro
            2) July 6, 2003, in 'Pinkpop 2003 special: Qotsa', Nederland 3 by Nps/Vara/Vpro
            4) June 14, 2003, in 'Het lek', Radio 3FM, by Vpro

Produced by Paul Schoenmaker + Qotsa
TV/FM/WEB recording by Menno
Compilation mastered by Menno 

Sound quality: A (track 3,4,6: B+ )

Complete: Yes. All the spaces between the songs are uncut, 
           w/ possible exception of Flow -> Pointless. 

Comments: All four sources come from the same mix, which was done on the spot for the 
live TV & radio broadcast. This is why the sound improves during the first 6 songs. 
The real audio sourced songs have some technical problems that the others don't have. 
Apart from the low bit-rate, there seem to be jumps in the volume. 
But, likely, these problems were in the orginal mix, and therefore it's 
understandable that these 3 tracks were not broadcast on TV & FM.
Despite the four different sources, the original stereo panorama with Josh's
guitar on the right has been kept intact throughout the whole recording.

This compilation is THE definitive recording of this show, and is easy recognisable 
compared to other (mostly webcast sourced) versions.
The webcast misses 'Go with the flow' and so, starts off w/ 'Quick + to the pointless'.

The June 28, 2003 recording serves as a 6 minute bonus for this disc.