Burn The Witch
Misfit Love
Little Sister
Battery Acid
Turnin' On The Screw
In My Head
How To Handle A Rope
Go With the Flow
I Think I Lost My Headache
Sick, Sick, Sick
Monsters In The Parasol
Into The Holow
3s And 7s
No One Knows
A Song For The Dead

Lineage : proshot video PAL (recorded on cable TV europe2tv on 2007/12/06)
USB TV-TNT Tuner > TMPGenc > DVDLab (authoring)
video stream: PAL system MPEG2 (4457 kbps) - 720x576 - 25 f/s
Audio streams: MPEG audio - 256 kb/s - 48 KHz - stereo