Regular John
If Only
Go With the Flow
You Would Know
You Canít Quit Me Baby
Broken Box
Leg of Lamb
In My Head
The Blood is Love
Little Sister
Burn the Witch 
Tangled up in Plaid
Everybody Knows That You Are Insane
The Sky Is Fallin'
A Song for the Dead
Long Slow Goodbye 
Someone's in the Wolf
No One Knows

Recorded by: Scott Heller
Equipment: Sharp MT290H Minidisc recorder and Core Sound Cardiod Microphones 
Transfer: SONY JP930 Home Minidisc Deck with digital cable into Sound Blaster Audigy live 
 card digital port. Recorded with CDWav, EQ with Awada Graphic EQ Pro 2.2, Compression with 
 FastSoft 1.1 and burned to CD-R with Nero 6 and a Plexwriter CD Burner.
Generation: CR-R(0) > WAV (EAC) > FLAC (Frontend level 8)