Long Slow Goodbye
Memories Are Made of These (Dean Martin)
Villians of Circumstance (new song)
Dark as a Dungeon (Johnny Cash)
Mosquito Song
I Never Came
100 Days (Mark Lanegan)
Hangin' tree
Bad Boy (Marty Wilde)
Vampyre of Time and Memory
Into the Hollow

Songs 01-04 Josh Homme
05-06 Josh Homme and Troy van Leewen
07-08 Josh Homme, Troy van Leewen, Mark Lanegan (vox)
09-12 Josh Homme and Troy van Leewen

Recorded from Row Z, just left of stage
Lineage -- vivanco mic --> minidisc --> recorded to wav via line in
--> tracksplits in PolderbitS --> flac 
Taper: robnwcc