'Big Bad Wolf' intro              
Someone's in the Wolf                   
Lost Art of Keeping a Secret 
If Only                                            
Sky is Falling                                  
Leg of Lamb                                 
Broken Box  
In My Head                                  
The Blood is Love                           
Little Sister                      
Burn The Witch                            
Tangled Up In Plaid              
Song For The Deaf                        
Song For The Dead                       
I Never Came                                
Go With The Flow                           
The Long Slow Goodbye                 
Monsters In The Parasol                 
You Can't Quit Me Baby                  

Taper: Distortion
Source: AKG CK93s > Actives > JK Labs ECMS > NJB3 (directly behind the board, dead center)
Transfer: NJB3 > Firewire > Sound Forge 7.0 > CDWave (Tracking) > .WAV > .FLAC
Generation: 0 (Direct Digital Transfer)