Regular John
First It Giveth
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Tangled Up in Plaid
No One Knows
Broken Box
Leg of Lamb
In My Head
Monsters in the Parasol
Little Sister
Burn the Witch
Song For the Dead
I Never Came
Everybody Knows That You're Insane
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Go With the Flow
I Think I Lost My Headache
Long Slow Goodbye
Someone's in the Wolf

Source: DPA 4061’s > CSBox > Sony PCM-M1
Lineage: DAT Master 16/48 > FLAC
Transfer (BLG): DA-20 > coax > Marantz PMD-670 > usb reader > Adobe Audition > iZotope Ozone 5 > WavePad > xACT > FLAC
Taper: Ed Davis

Notes: This is a previously uncirculated recording and only known source of this show.  The taper had technical problems 
this night and the left channel was riddled with constant dropouts throughout the entire show.  Because of this, 
I made the recording mono.  Overall it’s still a good recording and an excellent show.