Someone's in the Wolf
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Go with the Flow
No One Knows
You Would Know
Everybody Knows You're Insane
Leg of Lamb
Broken Box
Monsters in the Parasol
In My Head
Burn the Witch
Long Slow Goodbye
Better Living Through Chemistry
Tangled Up in Plaid
I Think I Lost My Headache
Song for the Dead
Little Sister
Regular John

source: Giant Squid cardioid microphones with bass roll-off, battery pack
into Sony MZ-R700 Minidisc, burned to CD-R on standalone Marantz,
ripped with EAC, Nero Wave Edit (volume adjusted +10), encoded with flac frontend.

tapers notes:
Note:  "Better Living Through Chemistry" track 15 on Disc One ends with a minidisc change.  
This change is audible, as the band were engaged in a serious jam.  Rather than fade
the track, I wove the remainder of the jam and the outro from my second 
minidisc into the track proper.  It's unobtrusive, but it's an obvious disc change
and should be pointed out.  Disc Two begins without any fuss, starting at the onset
of "Tangled Up in Plaid."