Someones in the Wolf
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Lost art of Keeping a Secret
First it Giveth
You Would Know
Everybody Knows That You're Insane
Broken Box 
Leg of lamb
In My Head
Monsters in the Parasol
Burn the Witch
Little sister
Go with the Flow
Tangled Up in Plaid
Song for the dead
I Never Came
Regular john
Alain Johannes Guitar Solo
Long Slow Goodbye
I Think I Lost my Headache

Core Sound Binaurals > battery box w/bass rolloff > Sharp MD-DR7 minidisc
Sony MDS-JE510 minidisc >(S/PDIF)> C-Media 8738 > Cool Edit Pro version 1.2a > 
FLAC Frontend (level 8) > FLAC