Regular John
You would Know
3's and 7's
Era Vulgaris
I Never Came
Misfit Love
In my Head
Burn the witch
The Blood is Love
Hangin Tree
In the Fade
Little Sister
Someone's in the Wolf
Song for the Deaf
Sick, sick, sick
Monsters in the Parasol
Turning on the Screw
Song for the Dead

Taper : Shinkibo
Source : Edirol R-09 (Built In Mics, wav, 24 bit, 48 Khz)
Transfer : Edirol R-09 => USB 2.0 => Computer.
Editing : Goldwave 5.20
-> fade in/out
-> volume boost, reduce bass level.
-> convert to 16 bit/44.1 Khz

Track split made with EAC.
Shn files made with mkw Audio compression tool.