3's and 7's (cuts in)
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Do it Again
Turnin' on the Screw
Burn the Witch
Misfit Love
Monsters in the Parasol
Make it Wit Chu
Someone's in the Wolf
Go with the Flow
Sick, Sick, Sick
You Can't Quit Me Baby
Hangin' Tree
Little Sister
No One Knows
Song for the Dead

Recorded handholded from the right side of SBD facing the stage.
Boosted, normalized, fade out, splitz and FLAC'ed in NHC
Taped by Anzlezz
Lineage: Zoom H4(built in mics)>SD Extreme III(44.1kHz 16bit)>PC>NHC Swift Sounds Wave Pad>FLAC8

First song (Millionaire) was not recorded because I somehow had managed to pause the recorder. Not to 
familiar with it since I bought it the same day. Some annoying clics trough the recording that came from people around 
me walking on beer cans of plastic that was lying on the floor, and a very annoying conversation by me(!) and my nephew 
between 3's&7's and Feel good (others were talking too of course but I should have known better...)
Playing time: 82:38