Someone's In The Wolf
The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
If Only
Everybody Knows That You're Insane
Tangled Up In Plaid
Leg Of Lamb
Little Sister
I Never Came
Monsters In The Parasol
Go With The Flow
Song For The Dead
Song For The Deaf
First It Giveth
Precious And Grace (ZZ Top Cover)
Burn The Witch
In My Head
Long Slow Goodbye
No One Knows
Outro (God Is On The Radio Instrumental)

Source: Sony TCM-20Dv -> WaveLab -> Cue Sheet -> Flac Frontend (Level 7) -> flac

Note: For what it's worth, this is a very rough recording. The equipment used
is only $30 or so, this is definitely one for completists. It was seeded as
one long track, I went ahead and split the tracks and did a little EQing on it.
Didn't make much of a difference.