Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Regular John
Quick and to the Pointless
Ode to Clarissa
If Only
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
Leg of Lamb
Auto Pilot
Born to Hula
Monsters in the Parasol (cuts out)
Better Living Through Chemistry
How to Handle a Rope
Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Source: unknown MD

Lineage: (?)> AIFF> dBpoweramp R15.1> FLAC8> WAV [16bit/44.1kHz]. xACT2.35> SBE's fix> WAV [16bit/44/1kHz]>
         Audacity 2.0.6> removed dropouts and dead spots> xACT 2.35> SBE's fix> WAV [16bit/44.1kHz]>
         Google Drive> dBpoweramp R15.1> FLAC8

Notes:  I received this with some songs in the wrong order;  and since the taper stopped taping inbetween
        a few songs, it's hard to tell the order.  There may have been a song between
        "You Think I Ain't..." and "Leg of Lamb".  I have contacted the person from which I received these files;
        and he has verified that these are all the files he received.  Various websites have the setlist one way,
        some another way.  There are also indications that "You Can't Quit Me Baby" was played as the encore.
        Whether or not it was recorded, I don't know.

Update: I sent these files to wikxzen to see if he thought they were in the right order before I torrented this-
        He noticed a bunch of problems with the files.  Dead spots, pops, channel problems and many SBE's.  He
        took the time and effort to fix all of the problems.  He thinks the person that taped this
        either had problems with his MD and/or it was not transferred correctly from the disc.  This
        part of the process was all wikxzen-  I/we thank you for it!  As far as the order of the setlist, he thinks
        I have it correct...  so, I'm leaving it this way.

        I'm including a folder with .jpegs of all the fixes wikxzen did and a spectral of the finished product
        with this torrent.

        This fixed and updated set of files were originally shared to Dimeadozen on 2015-02-12 by rollwnirvana
        Thanks goes to wikxzen and the taper-