Go with the Flow 
Lost Art of Keeping a Secret 
First it Giveth 
Regular John 
Long Slow Goodbye 
Burn the Witch 
The Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died 
Little Sister 
I Think I Lost My Headache 
A Song for the Dead 
No One Knows 

Taper:         George Wang 
Source:        DPA 4023 > Sonosax SX-M2 > Mogami interconnect > Edirol R1 @ 24/44.1
Location:      Sec 55 Row A Seat 4, 15 ft stage right stack

WAV > FLAC:   .wav @ 24/44.1 > Steinberg WaveLab v5.00a (dither with Apogee UV22HR to
16/44.1) > CD-WAV/FLAC frontend v1.7.1 > .flac