Mosquito Song                                             
Six Shooter                                      
Bloody Hammer [Rocky Erickson]                 
Go With The Flow                             
Hangin' Tree                                     
Detroit [Mondo Generator]                 
I'm Dead [Desert Sessions 5&6]                    
Gonna Leave You [Spanish Version]  
Four Corners [Mondo Generator]                    
I Want You To Die [Mondo Generator]            
First It Giveth                                               
All That I Got? [Lanegan?]                 
Like A Drug [Desert Sessions 5&6]    
No One Knows                                             
On Jesus` Program [Lanegan]                      
Auto Pilot                                       
You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory [Johnny Thunders]
Another Love Song                           
Better Living Through Chemistry    

Source:             SBD
Editor:   Sakul (aka Obertu)
Editing: Tracksplitting and Fixing in WaveLab v4.0
Transfer:            SBD>?>Cassette>Cassette Player>Mini Stereo-Jack Cable>HD
SHN:    WAV>MKWAct 0.97>SHN 

Notes from Editor: There are some major skips in Track 8 (Gonna Leave You) i couldn't fix. 
Some minor skips in Track 15 (On Jesus` Program) i fixed are still audible, but not disturbing.
Track 12 is an unknown song with Mark Lanegan on vocals. Overall, the sound of 
this recording is just incredible (though it's Cassette sourced).