First it Giveth *
Do it Again
If Only
Quick and to the Pointless
Regular John
The Sky is Falling
Gonna Leave You
In the Fade
Hangin' Tree
Song for the Dead
Go with the Flow
Better Living Through Chemistry
Auto Pilot 
Another Love Song
Song for the Deaf
No One Knows
Monsters in the Parasol
Tension Head
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
WEEN comments/Feel Good Hit of the Summer reprise

*-D1T02 had some major level issues. The left channel was such poor quality that the right channel was used 
to replace the left channel. This does result in a mono track, but it is at least listenable now. Also, 
this track had gain changes in WaveLab to compensate for the major changes in gain at the time of the 
recording. It was then normalized. 

Source: Schoeps CMC6/MK41>MP2>M1 
Transfered: R300>Dio2448>Wavelab 3.0