Interview with Josh
No One Knows (Josh acoustic solo performance)
Feel Good Hit of the Summer (Josh acoustic solo performance)

Broadcast: Jo Whiley, BBC radio 1, 12:37-12:47 (UK time) Oct. 29 2002.
Date of recording: 12:37-12:47 (UK time) Oct. 29 2002.

Source: FM (cable, stereo) > audioCDRrecorder (analog input) > HD (digital input)> Nuendo editing/eq-ing/mastering @ 32Bit, 48000 kHz > Wave (0) (16bit, 44000kHz) > Shn

Total time: 9:25
Complete: yes

Note: a very special special acoustic performance, a must ! No one knows 
had a peculiar sort of dropout in the solo part. It was in the broadcast. This
show is hilarious, especially the new lyrics to Feel Good Hit. Definitely
a must have.

Note2: Burned on to QOTSA 10/29/02 disc