Go With The Flow (cuts in)
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Lost Art of Keeping a Secret 
Regular John
I Think I Lost my Headache
Monsters in the Parasol
Burn the Witch
Little Sister
No One Knows
Song for the Dead

Source:   DPA 4061s > MMA-6000 > M-Audio Microtrack @ 24/48

Transfer: Kingston Elite Pro Flash card > Lexar Firewire
          flash card reader > Cool Edit Pro > dED > 
          CDWave > FLAC (level 8 encoding)

Notes:    Taped dead center, FOB, about 150' from stage.  
          The dED consisted of applying an FFT filter to lower 
          the bass from 55Hz to 35 Hz and remove bass under 35Hz.  
          Then the recording was normalized.  
Taping, transfer, edits, & FLAC compilation - pjdavep@comcast.net