If I Had a Tail
Monsters in the Parasol
My God Is the Sun
Feet Don't Fail Me
The Way You Used to Do
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
No One Knows
The Evil Has Landed
I Sat by the Ocean
Smooth Sailing
Domesticated Animals
Head Like a Haunted House
Make It Wit Chu
I Appear Missing
Villains of Circumstance
Little Sister
Sick, Sick, Sick
Go With the Flow
Un-Reborn Again
A Song for the Dead

Source: Sound Professionals CMC-08s (AT943s)->SP-SB10->Roland R05-> 
CoolEditPro->CD Wave->TLH 
Taper: ironchef 

Taper Notes:  Recorded from the about 5 or so rows up in the center section of the balcony.  It was a sold out show, and
the crowd around me wasn't too bad except for one drunk behind me that ended up not being audible on the recording 
except for a few screams here and there.  I did have to cut out a few seconds during the quiet intro to track 12 to 
get rid of a sudden and very loud yell, but unless you're really listening for it you won't notice.  As expected, the band
rocked and grooved and didn't disappoint.  Their light show is a very cool spectacle that was sensory overload by the 
time it was over.  Enjoy!