Immigrant Song
Dazed and Confused
Bring it on Home
That's the Way
Tapers comments

Taper: n/a
Lineage: Unknown gen analog (very likely master) -> PC -> FLAC -> PC -> 
FLAC Frontend (level 6) @ decoding -> Adobe Audition 1.5 @ removing silent spaces 
between original files -> EAC @ make proper cue stops for each song -> FLAC Frontend (level 6) encoding

"From the start: "Turn ALL the lights down please"... the excitement 
is palpable. This little gem has taken a lot of perseverance and a 
long while to release (comes directly from the original source, 
friends from Mexico that taped it and has had it in their vaults for 
forty years!). It is not very often that we hear a completely new 
document from Led Zeppelin these days and what better place to post 
it than to DIME, free for everybody to share? DIME has been one of 
the greatest inspiration we music lovers have had in these last years. 

This document is really priceless. By their own account: "We went to 
see Led Zeppelin, but when four scruffy bearded guys including one 
with a big mane (obviously Robert Plant) took to the stage and 
started to play a piece that we wouldn't recognize... they did not 
looked like the Zeppelin we knew and we thought they were "fake 
Zeppelin". We almost stop the tape. It is lucky that we left the tape 
running anyway and to our amazement suddenly they started to play 
something that we actually recognized as from Led Zeppelin... they 
WERE Led Zeppelin after all... !" 
That is the start of the account of this genuine experience of what 
Zeppelin was in 1970. Surprised everyone? 

The recording is not what I can call great and it is only the first 
45 minutes, but it is good enough to listen to the very powerful 
voice of Robert Plant (the guitar is overwhelmed by the bass 
regularly) and there is a lot distortion in one channel. 

The track listing is what we can expect from the first 45 minutes of 
an August 70 concert: Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Dazed And 
Confused, Bring It On Home, That's The Way. 

The original tape also included a rather hilarious (very dated) 
Mexican dialogue between the tapers that reflect well the time it was 
recorded... that actually wore a suit to go to the performance and 
were amazed by the hippies all around them... specially the chicks 
(in those ages called "tortas"), but the main thing is that they 
couldn't help but mainly falling in love with Page's hat and guitar 
playing, the bass player that "played in unison with Page's 
guitar" (weren't very impressed by the drummer) and obviously Robert 
Plant's powerful voice, his "degenerate" golden mane (that is a 
Mexican compliment at the time!) and his very worn jeans! 

Maybe I'll be able to write the full chronicle soon... it deserves a 
new edition of Led Zeppelin Live. This is just a warm up!. 

Without further ado, here's Led Zeppelin Live at the Olympia, 
Detroit, August 28 1970. 


Luis Rey"