Train Kept a Rollin'
Nobody's Fault but Mine
Black Dog
In the Evening
The Rain Song
Hot Dog
All My Love
Trampled Underfoot
Since I've Been Loving You
White Summer
Stairway to Heaven
Rock and Roll
Whole Lotta Love

Source: Soundboard

Notes: The last show of the tour and the last Led Zeppelin show EVER! This show alternates between brilliance and boredom,
especially from Jimmy. But the good moments are very good. Since I've Been Loving You is a great version and there is a lot of
experimentation with a very long and great version of Trampled Underfoot and a long version of Stairway to Heaven. Whole Lotta
Love is a long jam that sounds great. Amazing bass from Jones as Jimmy spits out guitar flourishes and Robert and Bonzo cook
behind this. One of the only shows from the 1980 Tour that didn't have Achilles Last Stand. But as the last ever show there is
historical significance here. Comments taken from: