Train Kept a Rollin'
Nobody's Fault but Mine 
Black Dog
In the Evening
The Rain Song
Hot Dog
All My Love,
Trampled Underfoot
Since I've Been Loving You
Achilles Last Stand
White Summer/Black Mountain Side
Stairway to Heaven 
Rock and Roll
Whole Lotta Love

Comments: This show must be tied with the night before for the best 1980 show ever! What an excellent show.
One of the few 1980 shows that has no moments of apathy or sluggishness. Fresh ideas and old ones are mixed
and the result is one of the best concerts ever in Led Zeppelin's career. Achilles Last Stand is excellent and
one of the strongest versions ever and the encores are simply amazing. Robert's voice is great...he hits all
the high notes! Definitely a 1980 show worth seeking out!
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