Train Kept a Rollin'
Nobody's Fault but Mine
Black Dog 
In The Evening
The Rain Song 
Hot Dog 
All My Love 
Trampled Underfoot 
Since I've Been Loving You 
Achilles Last Stand 
White Summer
Black Mountain Side
Stairway to Heaven 
Rock and Roll 
Communication Breakdown 

Source: Soundboard and audience
Lineage SBD: 1st gen cassette>Dat(1)>Cdr(1)>eac>wav>flac
Lineage AUD: 1st gen cassette>Dat(n)>Cdr(3)>eac>wav>flac

Complete show minus some audience cheering not available on either recording. Audience recording used to splice in missing sections for The Rain Song, Achilles Last Stand and Stairway To Heaven.