Rock and Roll
Celebration Day 
Black Dog
Over The Hills And Far Away
Misty Mountain Hop
Since I've Been Loving You
No Quarter
The Song Remains The Same 
The Rain Song
( Rest of D&C)
Moby Dick 
Stairway To Heaven
Whole Lotta Love
The Ocean

Source: Soundboard
Bootleg : Three Days Before , Empress Valley EVSD 153/154 - 2CD 
Lineage : Original Silvers > Flac > Download > CDR > EAC > Flac Frontend Level 8 SBA > CDR

From the Underground Website :

The insert card contains the "Aquarius 11" liner notes in Japanese on one side and the standard poorly translated English 
version on the other. The source tape is from the desk and is excellent. There are some initial volume and balance 
issues but they soon clear up leaving a nicely balanced, although hissy, show. There appears to be a momentary tape 
switch during the intro to Since I've Been Loving You that lasts a few seconds before switching back to the first tape. 
SIBLY also has a spot of tape unevenness in it where the sound levels fluctuate. No Quarter is missing a nice chunk 
of tape starting several seconds into the organ intro to the point just before Jones, Page and Bonham have their mini jam. 
The total time on the disc is a tad over nine minutes. The mini jam section contains snippets of what remind me of 
Your Time Is Gonna Come from Jonsey. The Rain Song is not cut on this release. The track listing on the rear of the 
package shows 9 tracks for disc 1 but there are really 10. The unlisted track is 2 minutes 47 seconds and contains 
the end of Dazed And Confused. Plant asks the audience to be patient as they literally "lost" part of Jimmy's guitar. 
He asks "Are we going to be alright without it Jim? - Are you going to be ok without it?". Disc one is cut off not 
long afterwards. Disc two cuts in with Plant's commentary. You can hear someone (Bonzo?) say "We'll do Moby Dick then". 
Plant then states that "Yes, we're going to have to substitute a number here". Moby Dick is played out of sequence buying 
time for Jimmy's guitar to get fixed. The splice of tape containing the fragment of Dazed solves a mystery. 
The reviews that I have read for this show all centered around the Watchtower release of this set. The reviewers 
couldn't figure out why Moby Dick and Stairway were played out of sequence in this show, nor could they figure out why 
Jimmy's guitar was missing from the intro to Moby Dick. We now know - Jimmy broke something on the Les Paul causing 
the set list alteration. Fascinating what a fragment of tape can do, huh? The Whole Lotta Love medley contains only a 
brief reference to The Crunge but it does include a rather effective version of Going Down as well as the normal Boogie Woogie. 
There's about 4 minutes of crowd cheering before the band takes the stage for the encore. Other than the missing tape in 
No Quarter and the absence of Dazed, this is an excellent set. From what i've read online of the Watch Tower set, this 
is also a marked improvement to that release. Recommended to anyone who can justify the cost. (Steve Prendergast March 03)