We're Gonna Groove (cuts in) 
Dazed and Confused 
Bring it on Home 
White Summer / Black Mountain Side (cut at 8:40)
Since I've Been Loving You 
Organ Solo 
Thank You 
What Is and What Should Never Be 
Moby Dick (cuts) 

Original source lineage:
1st gen Cass (S. Hedrick) > Tascam 112MKII Tape Deck > Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe > Soundforge 9.0 > CD Architect 5.2
Transferred by Lzndr

Additional source lineage:
Flacs > wav > Adobe Audition 3.0.1 (appending wavs, 102.6 stretch) > wav
Tracked with CD Wave, encoded to flac 8 with Flac Frontend, tagged and verified

Lzndr's original comments:
Here's the first upload from Susan Hedrick's tape collection.  After obtaining the master tape, she made one good safety copy, which is the source for these discs.  A short time later, when trying to make another copy, the master was nearly destroyed in a tape-eating incident with her Nakamichi deck.  It is our mutual opinion that the master tape is no longer playable.  Even if it is, it has a significant section of damage now, which this 1st gen copy does not.