Immigrant Song 
Since I've Been Loving You 
Out on the Tiles > Black Dog 
Dazed and Confused 
Stairway to Heaven 
Going to California 
What Is and What Should Never Be
Moby Dick 
Whole Lotta Love (Boogie Chillun, Suzie Q, Some Other Guy, Honey Bee, Sugar Mama Blues, 
  Think You Need A Shot (The Needle), The Lemon Song, That's Alright Mama)
Communication Breakdown (With It's Your Thing/Bass Solo)
C'mon Everybody (only about 11 secs)
Rock-n-Roll (cuts in)

Source: Audience
Lineage: 2nd gen > DAT(?) > Fiber optic > CDR > EAC > TLH Flac (No EQ or other tampering)