Bargain Basement Howard Hughes
Psychotic Break
Cut You In
My Song
Anger Rising
It Ain't Like That
Man in the Box
Down in a Hole
Them Bones

Source: CSB > Battery box > Sony MZ-R55

Notes: The Cajun House isn't my favorite place to tape since there really isn't
a good spot to tape from. I was on the balcony for this show, which is why
it sounds a little distant. Also, there is some static in the first song
and during Man in the Box. I have no idea why this happened, maybe just a bad
batch of minidiscs? I didn't bump my mics. The next time I taped, the
recording came out clean. Who knows, I guess that happens sometimes.

Furthermore, Jerry was sick during this show. It affected the performance. He
hardly sang during the AiC songs. Still enjoyed the show, just disappointed
in the recording.