Star Spangled Banner
Declaration Day
The Burning Times
Vengeance is Mine
Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
Angel's Holocaust
Greenface w/ Red Baron / Blue Max
When the Eagle Cries
My Own Savior
The Prophecy
Birth of the Wicked
The Coming Curse
The Devil to Pay
Hold at All Costs
High Water Mark
Iced Earth

Source: CSB > Bass filter > PCM-M1(oade)@48Khz 
Transfer: M1 > Core Sound 7-pin > Creative Labs Audigy Platinum > Adobe Audition > CDWave > WAV 

Note: I had some technical difficulties with this one. My batteries died, so I switched
between Violate and Melancholy. No music is lost, but some crowd talking is. Nothing too important
in the end. Unfortuantely, I accidently hit my mic sensitivity switch to high in the process, so
2/3s of the recording has moments of high end distortion. This really isn't noticable except at the
end of the songs when the crowd cheers, and at the very high screams of Owens. It's still very
listenable, but I'm really disappointed that there are problems due to my fault. 

On a side note, the Cajun House is my least favorite place to tape in the Phoenix area. They have these
tiny PAs that they hang from the ceiling, so it's hard to get a nice front of speaker recording here.