Set I
Afro Blue
Raven Black Night
Thorazine Shuffle
Presence of the Lord
Sad and Deep as You
Dolphineus > Painted Silver Light
No Need to Suffer
Heart of Stone
I Shall Return
End of the Line
Gonna Send You Back to Georgia
I Shall Be Released

Set II
Kind of Bird
Trane > Eternity's Breath jam > 
Thelonius Beck > St. Stephen jam > Mountain Jam tease > Drums > 
Birth of the Mule
John the Revelator 

Schoeps MK4's>Schoeps VMS PA/PS>SBM1>DAT

Sony 59ES>PowerMac G5 (optical)>Amadeus for tracking, 48>44.1 conversion and FLAC creation

Taper notes:
This is from my tape I made that night.  If memory serves correct, upon getting to the venue, the band realized 
that it could not be mixed properly, thus the two sets of different styles of music.  It just wasn't possible to mix 
loud instruments and vocals in the small club.  Hot hot show.  I think Warren even comments about it the following 
night in DC (taped that as well).