Soulshine (1)
Thorazine Shuffle (1)
When Doves Cry, first verse (2) > 
 Beautifully Broken (2) >  
When Doves Cry, second verse (2) > 
 Beautifully Broken (2)
Slow Happy Boys (1)
Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley (2)+
Time to Confess (1) >
Jam (1) >
Bad Little Doggie (2) >
Blind Man in the Dark (1)
Same Price (3)
Bass Jam (3) 
Washing of the Water (3)
World of Confusion (3)
Joey Arkenstat's Blues (4)
NYE Countdown >
I'm Eighteen (5)(6)+ >
The Wind Cries Mary (5)(6)+ >
Badge (5)(6)+
Larger Than Life (5)
Don't Step on the Grass, Sam (5)(7) >
Drums & Bass Jam (5) > 
Third Stone From the Sun (5)(8)
Freddy Freeloader (5)(8)+
I Want to Be Loved (5)(9)(10)(11)+
Politician (5)(8)
Effigy (6)(12)
Jam (12) >
Simple Man (6)(12)
Mule (1) > I've Been Workin' (1) > Bass jam (1) > Mule (1)

w/Danny Louis on Keybaord.
+ first time played.

Guest musicians:
(1) George Porter Jr. on bass
(2) George on bass and vocals
(3) Tony Levin on bass 
(4) Joey Arkanstat on bass and Jack Daniels bottle.  As related to me by Derek this was part of a band 
joke on the audience with Joey having finished off 4/5ths of a 5th of JD in his back pocket. After claiming 
he (Joey) taught Warren everything he knew and that Warren still don't know shit and if he's learn to run 
a show yet.  Then Joey picks up the bass and slams the bottle down hard on the stage breaking it (you can 
hear at 02:14) and the bass gets slammed with feedback and a scuffle ensues when Joey attacks Warren and 
Danny Louis and Matt Abts "come to the rescue".  You can hear the crowd react.  Joey tells Warren he 
can "kiss his hot toned ass baby" - this is supposed to leadup to the NYE countdown but it kind of starts 
to wind down when Joey takes off and there's still 30 seconds before NYE.  You can hear Greg Rzab call Joey 
a jerkoff.  Then  Warren cracks up the crowd with "Even Jerry Springer said, Haynes, don't do it,  don't do it..."   :)   
(5) Greg Rzab on bass
(6) Audley Freed on guitar
(7) Mike Farris on vocals during choral reprise
(8) Vernon Reid on guitar
(9) Vernon Reid on guitar and vocals
(10) Mike Farris on harmonica
(11) George Laks on keyboards 
(12) Andy Hess on bass

Fades at the starts/ends of each set.  Disc boundaries (which occur mid-set in both cases) are seamless.

Source:  FOW (front of Warren) - Neumann KM184s, just left of center mounted on U=Bar directly on the stage a 
couple of inches off the ground > Lunatec V2 > VXPocket > Apple G3 Powerbook, recorded as 24 bit/44.1 KHz AIFF 
with Peak > Pentium 4 PC: Wavelab 5.0, mastering with Waves L3 Multimaximizer with threshold at -3 dB and peak 
ceiling at -0.1 dB with hi res CD rendering settings (type 1 dither, ultra shaping) > 16 bit/44.1 WAV > 
CDWave (tracking) > FLAC (FLAC frontend).

Taped by Derek McCabe.  
CD mastering and lossless encoding by Chris Ladner.