Unknown instrumental
Gift of Love
Fatherly Downs
Tribute to Jerry Reid
Kathy's song (Simon and Garfunkel)
Song for George
Water Under the Bridge (piano)
Song for Lynette (piano)
Wind Cries Mary (piano)(Hendrix)
All the Things You Are
My Finest Champion
Once a Upon a Time in Texas
Scarborough Fair (piano)
I Need You (The Beatles)
Desert Song

Note: This was Eric's acoustic and piano tour. He did six or seven dates on
this tour. Really enjoyable show. Because I had my levels up so high, it picked some
of the chatter around me. It's not bad, but just want to explain that none of the talking or
comments are from me. I hate when tapers talk on their own recordings! Some of the "Whoo-Hoos" from 
the crowd distort the mics, as we were all sitting very close, but each one is really brief. The
crowd was respectful and quiet during the songs.