Killing the Dragon
Last in Line
Stand Up and Shout
Drum solo
Rock and Roll
Mob Rules
Dream Evil
Guitar solo
Rainbow in the Dark 
Holy Diver
Heaven and Hell

Source: CSB > battery box > Sony MZ-R55

Note: Saw Dio three years ago, and was impressed then, and was impressed again here
as well. The guy can sing. He's been doing this for over 30 years? Whatever he's
done to perserve his voice was well worth it. This guy is showing no signs of
needing to call it quits, unlike Ozzy. Although the drum solo and guitar solo
is WAY too 80s, need to dump those from the set. Let's face it, 99% of the crowd
find drum and guitar solos pretty boring.  I mean Simon Wright's drum solo
ends with him drumming along to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. A bit much in my

Note 2: There was this reoccuring static/pop coming out of the main speakers for Dio,
it's not bad but you can hear it from time to time. Strange that it didn't show up 
for Iron Maiden, but it's there.