Paranoid Opioid
King of the Rotten
Vote with a Bullet
Stone Breaker
My Grain
Infinite War
Clean My Wounds
Whose got the Fire
Senor Limpio
Seven Days
In the Arms of God

Source: Source: Sanken COS 11s-pt RM > bass filter> Sony PCM-M1 (oade)
Transfer: M1 > Core Sound 7-pin > Creative Labs Platinum Audigy 
	   > Adobe Audition (44Khz/EQ) > CDWAVE > WAV 

Note: The Brickhouse sucks. An absolute shit sound system. I hate this
place. I considered not even going to tape this show, cause the sound
system sucks that bad. House speakers are shot, mostly just static, which
is what you hear on the recording. I wish this place would shutdown and
never open again. I Hate this place, and in case you weren't sure, I hate
this place.