War Pigs 
Into the Void 
Under the Sun 
Electric Funeral 
Black Sabbath 
Behind the Wall of Sleep
Bassically / N.I.B.
End of the Beginning
Fairies Wear Boots
Symptom of the Universe jam
Clufetos Solo
Iron Man 
God is Dead? 
Dirty Women 
Children of the Grave
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath jam

Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
Tony Iommi - Guitar
Geezer Butler - Bass
Tommy Clufetos - Drums
Adam Wakeman - Keyboards

Note: Although I gave this a VG-, it is still better than I imagined when I read
internal mic on an Iphone.  It won't win any awards, but it is still listenable.

iPhone 4 (internal mic) -> mono WAV -> PC (USB) -> Foobar2000 (split, FLAC conversion) -> FLAC
Jake Pointon's master