Radio ad
The Mob Rules 
Computer God 
Children of the Sea 
Time Machine 
War Pigs 
Die Young 
Iommi solo > Sabbath Bloody Sabbath jam
Black Sabbath w/ guitar intro
Master of Insanity
After All (The Dead) 
Appice solo 
Iron Man 
Heaven and Hell 
Neon Knights
Paranoid (Carmine Appice on drums)
> Heaven and Hell outro

Ronnie James Dio - Vocals 
Tony Iommi - Guitar
Geezer Butler - Bass
Vinny Appice - Drums
Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards


Taper Notes: This has to be one of the most well documented Dio/Sabbath 1992 shows,  multiple video cams and  audio 
tapers, including me! It was a night to remember in the now 100+ year old hall. This is the famous "last" gig with Dio 
who was pissed with the Sabs brothers (Iommi and Butler) who were going to play gigs opening for Ozzy in the next days, 
November 14 and 15 in Costa Mesa...exit Dio and enter Rob Halford for those gigs. Iommi also had been busted the night 
before by San Joaquin County sheriffs after a gig in Sacramento for not paying child support!  I remember people 
before the gig talking about "Tony being arrested." Lastly Vinnie Appice's brother Carmine watched the gig from the 
wings and ended up playing drums on Paranoid! I think the recording came out quite well, I was up front in front of 
the stage right stack if memory serves!