Set it Off
Light My Way
Like a Stone
Super Stupid (Funkadelic)
Shadow of the Sun
What's so Funny('Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding) w/ MJK
I'am the Highway
Seven Nation Army (White Stripes)
Show Me how to Live

Note: As with the rest of my San Diego Lollpalooza shows, this one is fairly distant.
The vocals come across pretty well, but the music suffers the most from the distance.
Still very listenable, but there are certainly better Audioslave recordings. Apparently
George W. Bush was in the area, and Chris Cornell decided to capitalize on it. He
brought out a 12inch high G. W. Bush doll that talks, which is what you hear on the
recording. He eventually sets it down on the stage and kicks it into the crowd.

I really don't care what they think of the President, but I'm not sure I agree with
turning a rock concert into a political forum. Unfortunately, I don't think most people
are intelligent enough to think for themselves. If their favorite band mocks
the President, then they will too. I paid to see Audioslave play music, not voice
their opinions on the President. Stick to the music, and voice your opinions in another

On a better note, Maynard from Tool/APC comes out and helps sing on "What's so funny about
Peace, Love, and Understanding." One of the few instances of bands joining each other
on the main stage. Very cool.

Source: CSB > bass filter > Sony MZ-R55