Set It Off +
Light My Way
Like a Stone
Super Stupid (Funkadelic cover)
Hypnotize +
What You Are
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
Techno Ted
The Last Remaining Light
Show Me How to Live
Shadow on the Sun
I Am the Highway +
Working Man (Rush cover)
Cochise +

Note: First, Cornell's voice is shot in my opinion. Having seen him in Soundgarden in '94 and '96,
it was pretty disappointing to listen to him struggle through some of these songs. Second, 
the short in my mics returned and there are four instances of a popping noise/static that show 
up in the recording. I've since sent my mics back to Core-Sound to get fixed. Songs marked with 
a + have a half a second popping noise in them. Not horrible, but I hate having flaws in one of 
my recordings....

Note 2: The "Song that didn't make the record" is pretty cool, and was only played once
before as of this show. Cornell made the comment that anyone who has a tape recorder can
record it and put it at the end of the album. 

Note 3: So a little story that all minidisc tapers will appreciate. Audioslave shows had
been coming in under 80 mins. So I brought two minidiscs one for Burning Brides and one for
A.S. While playing Cochise, the time on the minidisc hit 79:50. I thought "damn, it's not
going to be complete." I look down shortly there after, and see that the time is now
80:20 and it's still recording. Imagine my surprise. The concert ends with Cornell saying
Goodnight at 80:47, the minidisc stopped recording at 80:50. 3 seconds, what are the odds. 
I did edit out some of the crowd waiting for the band to come back on for the encore. This
ensures that it will fit on an 80min cdr and that people can burn it. Nothing band related
was cut. Time to invest in a DAT, that was too stressful for me!

Source: CSB > bass filter > Sony MZ-R55