The Package
Three Libras
Weak and Powerless
The Outsider

Note #1: Not my greatest recording. This is probably left best for collectors. I was
pretty far back. The Coors Amp. has a huge pit area which pushes the seats way
back. Also, the wind catches my mics a lot, it's not bad, but it's there.
I didn't bring windscreens, my mistake. There is a fair amount of crowd chatter
behind me too, which sucks. Oh well, like I said collectors will probably enjoy this, but
there are certainly much better recordings out there for APC. James Iha does a great
impression of Steve Perry(Journey), it's pretty funny. Just want to clarify that none of the
crowd chatter is me.

Note #2: Since this recording contains new songs, this is not meant to replace the new album
coming out 9/16. You should buy the new album. This recording is only meant for traders
and collectors who will buy the album anyway.

Note #3: The Outsider, in my opinion is one of the best APC songs to date.

Source: CSB > bass filter > Sony MZ-R55