The Package
Weak and Powerless
The Outsider

Note #1: Slightly distant recording, but still enjoyable I think. I prefer a close to the speaker
recording, but you can only do so much with amphitheater seating. Actually the sound was really
bass-y, I'm surprised it came out this well. The Cricket Pavilion is really a horrible place
to tape. 

Note #2: Since this recording contains new songs, this is not meant to replace the new album
coming out 9/16. You should buy the new album. This recording is only meant for traders
and collectors who will buy the album anyway.

Story #1: During "The Package", the crowd in the lawn tries to rush the seats and get to the pit.
You can hear some of the yelling in the background. Two security guards come rushing down my row
and stop right in front on me as they try and stop someone coming down. A little nerve racking to
see two security guards rushing at you, and thinking they are coming for you because you are taping.
Thankfully the kid sees the security guards waiting for him, and he decides to go back up. So there
was no confrontation near me that would have been recorded.

Note #3: The Outsider, in my opinion is one of the best APC songs to date.

Source: CSB > bass filter > Sony MZ-R55