The Hollow
Weak and Powerless
"Fred's got Slacks"
Thinking of You
The Stranger
The Package
3 Libras
The Nurse who Loved Me
The Outsider
"looks that Kill"

Source: CSB > bass filter > PCM-M1(oade) @48khz 
Transfer: M1(DAT) > Core Sound 7-pin > Creative Labs Platinum Audigy > Goldwave(EQ/44khz) > CDWAVE > WAV 

Note: Shorter set than normal due to Maynard having the flu and Josh having
a broken knee. Still put on a nice performance despite the health problems. My
levels were running a little high in the beginning, so there is a significant
volume adjust during Pet. So just turn up your volume, when that happens. If you listen
closely during the Stranger, you can hear someone from APC's crew come up to the kid
standing next to me, and ask him to put his phone away so it doesn't look like he's recording.
Maynard also gives a quick speech in the beginning on why he's anti-taping.