Killer Is Me
No Excuses
Heaven Beside You
Brother (with Ann Wilson)
Got Me Wrong
Down In A Hole
It Ain't Like That  (w/ Lachman)
Again  (w/ Lachman and Scantlin)
Would  (w/ Scantlin)
Angry Chair  (w/ Scantlin)
Them Bones  (w/ Keenan)
Man in the Box  (w/ Keenan)
Rooster  (w/ Keenan, Lachman, Wilson, and Scantlin)
Barracuda (Heart w/ Cantrell and Inez)

Source 1: Unknown DAT (complete)

Source 2: AT933s (SP-CMC-8) > SP-SPSB-1 (Bass Rolloff @ 95Hz) > Nomad JB3 
Conversion: JB3 > Firewire > Soundforge 7.0 > CDWave > FLAC Frontend 
Location: 40 ft from center stage next to soundboard  (incomplete only
acoustic set)

The full source is obviously the better sounding, however there are so many
drunk idiots around the taper that it is really difficult to listen to
without cursing the stupid drunk bitches that can't shut up. The electric
set is well worth it.