Whole Lotta Love with headphone bleed (1:13)
Heartbreaker Solo, Room Mic Running (1:13)
Heartbreaker Solo, Just Rhythm Section (0:59)
Ramble On, Drums, also bass bleed in (0:42)

STU > ? > FLAC

Sound Rating: M/SB/10
Total time: 4:07
Size: 22 MB

Notes: This is the original pre-bootleg source. These are from a 60 minute tape which is currently not circulating. 
The less said about it, the better.

Below is some information from the person who originally surfaced this set...

Recording Information:

A major find. The lost Led Zeppelin II Sessions. These 4 fragments were brought to surface by yours truly. Quite a bit of 
hub bub on how they surfaced ahead of time one might say. Either way, all music collectors must have these.