Am I Evil
Sucking My Love
The Prince
Jump in the Fire
Am I Evil?
Hit the Lights

QUALITY: Vocals are a littled muffled, but since this live practice session was put to
cd from the master tape, it has almost no tape hiss. Classic stuff

SOURCE: Taped by the band, Ron McGovney released the tape back in '94. It was put to bootleg cd
shortly there after.

TIME: Roughly 30 mins. The session was spread over two different bootleg cds.  Make sure
you get the full session.

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, this is a live practice session two months after the band formed.
Actual date is not known. 

FLAWS: One minor drop out in Helpless. One drop out in Sucking My Love as well.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Definitely an interesting listen. Apparently James was not playing guitar
at the time, concentrating on his vocals. You can really hear Ron's bass playing on this, which
got lost in some of the early '82 shows.  James is a long ways away from the Mighty Het, but you
have to start somewhere right? Definitely a raw vibe to this sessions. You can pick out Mustaine's
difference in guitar playing from Hammetts. Most evident in Am I Evil. Definitely recommend.